Thursday, May 29, 2008

5/28/08 -Update on building

Let me just say....I'm tired....I can't wait until the remodel is done and I can relax a little.  We have been going to Sweeny every night after work to work on the building...trying to get it ready to open.

I have a banner hanging in the front window as a temp. sign.

We finally narrowed down the paint color choice from these:

to....well.... you will just have to attend the grand opening to see the final color selection

As of last night:

The city Electrical Permit guy has been and checked the electrical work we had done and said it looked fine to him.  YEAH!!!!

Johnie & Jerry got the door turned so it opens OUT.

The guys took down the "Magic Nails" signs for me.

Jerry & I finished installing the ADA handrails in the restroom.

We installed the smoke detectors in all the rooms & rehung the fire extinguishers & put signs with them.

We cleaned the walls in the front room getting it ready to paint.  Oh and we bought the primer & paint so hopefully if all goes as planned we can start painting this wkend.

Last night we put up all the celing tiles that were not messed up in some way (have to go buy more....have I mentioned that I HATE going to Lowes, Home Depot and any other hardware store???  if not...well I HATE it!  )  Oh and earlier in the wk, the guys adjusted the wires holding the ceiling so that it was level all the way across instead of drooping in the center (while I ran around the room for them holding the laser level reader for them).

This is what it looked like as of when we left the building last night.  It's getting there.

Now I'm waiting on the city guys to come and tell me if I've done everything to their specs to get my occupancy so I can really get hard & heavy to open.

5/19/08 -Construction Started

5/19 I officialy have possesion of the building & CONSTRUCTION has started....we have to take down the ceiling tiles so Jerry can pull the old wire so the electrician can run the new "to code" wire.  My brother has been wonderful helping us get the toilet switched out to an "ADA" toilet to meet code and so we have a clean toilet (the old one was just gross). 

Brother & Jerry taking down the ceiling tiles so the electrician can have easy access to the wiring (which starts tom., FRIDAY 5/23)

Opps...did I do that????  lol...I pulled the hair station off the wall so it could go in the trash

these pics are the front room as of yesterday (5/22)...most of the wire is gone, no power in the brother has the water hooked up along with the water heater (except for electricity to actually heat the water) and my NEW TOILET!!!!

5/19/08- Before pics of V7 Photo's New Home!'s official...V7 Photos will be moving from my home to it's own Studio space in Sweeny.

Thought I'd share some pics of before, during & after as I've been requested to do so.

The building before I bought it:
Let me just say it's kinda weird how the building was's like they just decided to send everyone home one day without warning and close up shop.  there was nail polish out, shampoo & dye open, cotton open, nail decor sitting out ready to apply, envelopes stamped & addressed in a bag to take to the post was just very weird....

Outside -front of building

Outside -I LOVE this bush....soooo pretty but's at the back corner of the building in the empty lot beside it (that belongs to me as well)

Inside -still with all their junk

AFTER PURCHASE....before construction started
The front 10' will be the "reception" area and the back part will be the "studio" area

haven't figured out the "fish" in a nail salon yet....but they are now down for the most part...have 1 section left to "pop" off the wall


Back Yard (from left to right)

Dressing/Changing area (also storage of backdrops, etc) (behind curtains..which are going bye-bye is where I will store things like mop/broom, tp, papertowels,'s a shower right now) & the door at the end is the bathroom

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Browning-Brown Wedding 4/26/08

Here are a few of my fave pics from the Browning-Brown Wedding on April 26. They were such a fun & happy Bride & Groom. Nicole (my assistant photographer) & I had a blast taking their pics and helping them to "Preserve a moment in their families life, one portrait at a time". To see the rest of the portraits from the wedding, please visit their albums at


Well...I've been searching high & low for the "right" location & building to buy and I've finally found the new home of V7 Photos. I am in the process of buying the "Magic Nails" building on Main Street in Sweeny (2 buildings down from Stop N Go). I signed my part of the papers today and should have the keys by Friday. There are a few things that need to be done to bring the building to "code" but if all goes as planned, I should hopefully be moving in over there before the end of June.

I'll post another blog when I open my door in Sweeny. Anyone that joinds my mailing list (myspace &/or email) before I send out the bulletin abou the "Grand Opening" will receive a special offer that no one else will get. So, be sure to share with your friends & family (be sure to tell them to let me know that you referred them to me so that you get credit fo the referral).

Unless something crazy happens & I get moved in sooner than planned, the Dad & Me limited edition shoot will be at the current studio location (621 Loggins, West Columbia). Spaces are filling up for the Dad & ME LE shoot so be sure to book your spot soon. Print & bring this page with you for a bonus 5x7 from the shoot.