Friday, September 12, 2008

08/23/08 ~ Madison's 1st Shoot Miss Madison....Madison is the daughter of Devin (you can scroll down to see her maternity shoot)
Little Maddie was such a good little's a few of my fave pics & collages from her 1st session.

I just love this pic...soo cute!

Awww...Kissing Mommy

9/6/08 ~ Jones Family

Nicole (the other photographer that helps me at weddings & larger event/families) & her husband bought a new house last month. She asked me to stop by and snap a pic so they could send out "We've Moved" Cards...

This was my fave....I just love the kids goofing off (Love ya Monique & Chase)

and just for are just a few of the photo cards that I have access to:

8/21/08 ~ Chance (Army)

This is another "home grown" military man...Chance is from Sweeny.


8/16/08 ~ Coker Boys

These boys were so cute...

8/2/08 ~ Cody & Carly (Airforce)

I really am so very thankful for all of the service men & women that protect our country so that we can live how we want. It means a lot to me that they do that and I wanted to do something to thank them for all they do. Having had a grandfather that was in the AirForce and my husband having served in the Army & National Gaurd...I understand how tight money is when you serve in the military.... decided to offer to do family portraits for our Military Men & Women & their family for free. (or discounted....visit my website or let me know if you want more info)

This is the 2nd (well 2nd & 3rd) Military Member that I've had the chance to photograph since I started this special.

Cody & Carly are serving our Country in the AirForce. They came home to get married with their friends and family.
They gave me a call and asked if I'd take family pics of them (non-wedding).
They are such a cute couple....and they were really fun to shoot.

Here are a few of my fave pics from the session:

Cody is a local from Lake Jackson....and requested some pics with them in front of the Texas Flag:

Cody & Carly...

If you would like more info on how you can help support our local troops...let me know.

8/2/08 ~ Nick's Shoot

This little boy was such a cutie...

He brought all his Elmo's with him:

I can't imagine why every kiddo that takes pics with the ice cream cone wants to lick it...(and yes...I clean it after each shoot):

8/2/08 ~ Addy's Shoot

Addy brought her in with her cousins when she came in to get her pics taken....So of course we had to include them in some of the pics too.

Enjoy guys!

7/31/08 ~ Julianna's 1st Shoot

Awww....I'd like y'all to meet my little namesake...isn't she just darlin'?

Thanks for the ideas & letting me do her very 1st professional shoot Melissa.

7/30/08 ~ Anna & Bryan's Maternity Shoot

Anna & Bryan are such a sweet couple...Here are a few of my fave pics from their maternity session.

6/15/08 ~ Melissa's Maternity Shoot

Mrs. Melissa was soo fun to take pics of...and she is expecting my little namesake (Julianna Marie) so that was double fun. Oh and Julianna is just as stubborn as me and she isn't even out yet...she kept kicking the blocks off Mommy's tummy...silly little girl.

and my fave pic from the shoot...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well...since Hurricane Ike is keeping me from the studio and work....I figured I'd update the blog with pics from the last couple of months that I'm behind on....
Are you ready??? I'll do each "session" in a different post...Let me know what you think. Thanks & hope to see you in the studio soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3/15/08 ~ Craig (Army)

Craig Anderson is from Sweeny and is in the Army.

When he came home, his mom needed a way to get him out of the house and to McCoys parking uniform...for a surprise "parade" from there to Sweeny where his parents had a party for him. I had been thinking of doing free sessions for military members for a while...just hadn't figured out all the details and how to get it out there yet. His mom, Debbie, is actually one of the wonderful ladies in charge of the West of The Brazos Troop Support group in Sweeny. They send care packages to the troops as well as organizing welcome home celebration parades.

Craig was the 1st of hopefully several military shoots....enjoy...and if you know someone from the area that is in the military...get with me for info on how they can have their pics taken for free.