Friday, July 25, 2008

07/25/08 ~ Devin's Maternity Session

Here are a few from Devin's Maternity Session today....isn't she so pretty?

Those were just a couple of her faves from the session.
Devin...Thanks for letting me experiment on some new poses. She was such a trooper guys..

Don't forget.....V7 Photo's Grand Opening is August 1st.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well...I joined the Sweeny Chamber of Commerce today.

Wanted to let y'all know that my Grand Opening - Open House will be August 1, 2008 from 5pm - 7pm(ish). I will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony at 5pm so please come if you want. I'd love to see you and have you see the studio.
There will be goodies, snacks, prizes and FUN! Hope to see ya there!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!

The Fire Marshall came to see me today for the final walk through to get my occupancy certificate so I can open my doors....

V7 Photos is officially OPEN for business at 212 N. Main!

I hope to see ya in the studio soon! I'll announce my grand opening- open house soon.

Special BLOG Coupon:
Print this post and bring it with you to your next session for $5 off your session fee. (good thru Sept. 1, 2008) brother (Johnie) and Hubby helped me move the file cabinet from my office to Sweeny. (Thanks Mom for letting me "work from work"...hehe..that sounds weird)
We beat a storm on the way from Freeport to Sweeny.....when I pulled up to the studio, I looked up and this is what I saw.

Do you see it??? I'm taking this as a sign of God's Blessings on my business.

Well...I'm tired and I need to post this and get to bed.

The next post will be a few pics from a couple of recent sessions...until then...Have a Great Day and see ya soon!



Well the reception area is DONE (except for a couple of pics I'm waiting to get in for the wall). The studio is set up. (except for cleaning the tools off the counter.

Speaking Daddy helped Jerry "fit" the new counter top into place and hang the upper cabinets.

I've been soo lucky with having my entire family support my decision to open the studio.

Here's the mostly finished counter:

So...I've discovered a problem with my seeps "chocolate milk". No..I'm not's a pic to prove it:

see....I'm not looks like choc. milk and Smells like spoilt choc.'s actually the glue from where they didn't install the flooring right...sooo it looks like new flooring will be here sooner than I joy. We've rolled the floors (a special thanks to my father-in-law & his boss for letting us use the roller from his work) and got most of the problem taken care of but it seems that if I mop the floors...the water makes it seep more.

You know....having a hubby that is an electrician....and asking his thoughts on what I could do for a curtain rod to hang across the room (22.5' wide) and not being able to really "hang" something from the ceiling because it's a suspended ceiling....he suggested hanging emt (metal tubing for electical wires to be run through) from the wall and supporting it with wires around the ceiling beams...I liked the emt idea but not the I came up with an idea and made an "EMT Curtain rod" system (with his help of I'm gonna cut the when you come in the sure to check out me unique (to say the least) curtain rods.

Here's a pretty pic for y'all to see....this was they sky when we left the studio on June 17.

Can you tell I like taking pics of the sky & clouds?'s another sky pic...this was in Freeport when I was leaving the office on June 19.

ok...back to the my last post....I mentioned my AWSOME's a few pics of them if you haven't driven by to check them out...
This is a close up of the door:

This is what I drove up to on June 23...sooo pretty:

Close up of windows (LOVE the butterflys):

They hung the main sign June 27....I LOVE it:

Oh...Mom & I had a visitor the day the phone company/light company were here working on their stuff....

This little birdy decided to fly in the back door....smack into the front window and knock itself silly....I went out the backdoor so I could open the front door so that it could get outside but Mom ended up having to scoop it out the door with a folder because it wouldn't go. It sat on the window sill for a while before finally hopping off down the sidewalk.'s another cool cloud pic for y'all to see...The first person that e-mails me with the correct location of where this photo was taken (building, town, etc) will get a Free 5x7 with their next session. I think the clouds look pretty cool...just kinda stuck in the sky (yeah I know that's where they are...but they kinda "pop" out like you can just reach up and grab one).

Ok...I'm gonna close this post now. Hope to see y'all soon...and I'll post the winner if anyone can guess the correct answer.

By the get exclusive coupons & sure to sign up for my mailing list by sending your name, phone, address, email to

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Wow...has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I promise to try to get on here this wkend and post new pics. If I only had internet access at the shop.....well that's another long story that will just make me angry. :)
Quick update on the happenings at 212 N. Main....

If you've driven down Main Street since Friday morning, you may have noticed my AWSOME sign..(and window decals)....If you need ANY signs, decals, etc made for your business or should call the wonderful guys over at C&M Signs in Sweeny....Excellent service, FAST turn around...Took my idea and made it even better. If you haven't seen sure you glance my way as you drive down Main Street.

ok...bear with me...I'm trying to rem. what I last updated...

We have finished painting the reception area, studio, office, kitchen....that's all the painting for now.

I have hung pictures in the windows and have filled my cabinet with a small selection of my faves. If you didn't know this about me...I have a frame addiction...well you prob. didn't know it because I have just recently discovered it....and ALL the stores that I buy frames at aren't helping with their 50% off sales.

I have a "land line" & "fax line" hooked up now...was supposed to have internet 3 wks ago but still don't. SOOOO, I decided to switch my net to broadband from the cable company. The cable guy is coming tom. (THURSDAY) to hook up cable for the reception area & internet for the office....WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I LOVE the cable company now....and I won't discuss the phone I have to sit on hold listening to their "wonderful" music and recordings to cancel the stupid DSL. So not looking forward to listening to their recordings for another hour of my life. Speaking of the phone # isn't changing...the # I'm using now is a cell phone and I will continue to have it (979-480-4056) but the "land line" # is 979-647-0040.

hmmmmm what else.......

Oh, I've moved the file cabinet & work table into my office...still need to find a computer desk but I can't find one that I like that fits the space. It's driving me wacko.

The plan is to finish setting up this wkend so that I can get the Fire Marshall out next wk (hopefully) to do the final ok on it so I can open my doors.

If you'd like to be notified by mail or email of when I open my doors, please pop me an email and I'll let you know when I'm open.

Well I need to get to bed as I have another long day tom. Hope to see y'all soon!