Monday, July 21, 2008


GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!

The Fire Marshall came to see me today for the final walk through to get my occupancy certificate so I can open my doors....

V7 Photos is officially OPEN for business at 212 N. Main!

I hope to see ya in the studio soon! I'll announce my grand opening- open house soon.

Special BLOG Coupon:
Print this post and bring it with you to your next session for $5 off your session fee. (good thru Sept. 1, 2008) brother (Johnie) and Hubby helped me move the file cabinet from my office to Sweeny. (Thanks Mom for letting me "work from work"...hehe..that sounds weird)
We beat a storm on the way from Freeport to Sweeny.....when I pulled up to the studio, I looked up and this is what I saw.

Do you see it??? I'm taking this as a sign of God's Blessings on my business.

Well...I'm tired and I need to post this and get to bed.

The next post will be a few pics from a couple of recent sessions...until then...Have a Great Day and see ya soon!

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