Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/16/10 ~ Happy New Year & Special Price on LARGE PRINTS!!!

Happy New Year!!!  I hope this post finds everyone settling into 2010.  We've been busy busy busy at the studio.  We are in the middle of a little "Spring Cleaning" or I guess I should say Winter cleaning since it's been sooo very cold. 

I wanted to share with all our "fans" and readers a little special for our 16x16 or larger prints.  Now through February 12, 2010 you can take 25% off our regular price for any 16x16 or larger print.  No limit on the number of copies, etc.  You can use this special for any session you have already completed or any upcoming you have booked before that time.  Orders must be placed and paid for by 2/10/10 to qualify. 

Don't forget...Cupid's Dream Limited Edition Session will be Jan. 22nd & 23rd...hurry and book your Valentine Photos now so that you can have them back in time for your cards.


I thought as a way to start out the year, I'd share something about me that y'all might not know.  I LOVE taking photos of the sky...don't ask me why....I just love all the ways the lights and clouds mix.  I always have a "throw down" point and shoot camera in my purse so I can snap pics even if I for some reason don't have my "brick" with me.  (The "Brick" is our knick name for my main camera because it's so heavy..kinda like a brick.)  anyways....I was clearing the card and looking through to see what I had snapped pics of Oct. 25 - Jan. 11 and found several sky photos I wanted to share with y'all.  Enjoy!!!

Oct. 25, 2009  ....I love how the light pokes through the clouds...makes me think of God reaching down to touch our lives.

10/26/09    Gotta love a rainbow!

11/24/09  I really love when the sky is all colors like this.  Lovely sunset from my front porch.

12/13/09  If it wasn't sooo very foggy, you'd know there were more trees in the pasture behind this one.

12/21/09  First photo was on my way to the studio in the the tubes of clouds going across the sky...... 2nd & 3rd are on my way home that same how they are kinda whispy...the photos didn't do it justice though.


1/11/10  Another pretty sunset but my battery was getting low so this photo doesn't do it justice.

Well....I'm going to post this and head home for the day.  Just wanted to say hi and hope to see y'all in the studio soon.

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